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Posted on March 15, 2015 11:44 pm
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Five approaches to multicultural education identified by Grant and Sleeter
The five approaches to multicultural education identified by Grant and Sleeter are the following; approaches to multicultural education, the assumption of the approach is that teachers will work with students form different cultures quite often. The goal of this approach is that teacher’s style of teaching is similar to an ‘eclectic fence’ meaning one is open to trying different approaches. Teaching of the exceptional and the culturally different, this approach has the assumption that teachers overall goal is to prepare and fit all students to achieve in school and in society. (Banks & McGee Banks, 2010) The goal of this approch is to insure that teacers help students acquire cognitive and and knowledge expected of ‘avergae white’ students. (Banks & McGee Banks, 2010) The human relations approch assums that students the major purpose of school is to help students learn to live together hamoniously in the world. (Banks & McGee Banks, 2010) The goal is to ensure that students are obtaining cognitive skills knowledge in the traditional curriculum. Single-Group approch refers to the study of a single group of people. The assumption is that students will develop respect for and group and also knowledeg that will help improve a particular group. Multicultural education approch have goals of reducing prejudice and discrimination against other groups. Its assumptions are similar to the first three approches. Multicultural social justice education deals with the hopes of reconstructing society towards greater equality. (Banks & McGee Banks, 2010) Its also has a goal of students learning how to analyze instructional inequaity in theor own life circumstances. (Banks & McGee Banks, 2010)

Banks, J. A., & McGee Banks, C. A. (2010). Multicultural Education. Wiley.
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