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Posted on February 22, 2018 1:37 am
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Hannah Poore
Hannah Poore
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ESE Parent Blaming Teachers
In my internship, I am working in a middle school in the ASD unit. One of our students has a tendency to make violent and inappropriate comments. For example, he recently told one of the teachers in the unit that he was going to slit her throat after she took away a drawing that he was making during instruction time. More recently, he had an altercation with the PE Coach which resulted in him kicking her four times. Due to his situation, the coach did not decide to take serious action against the student, but he was written a disciplinary referral and his parents were contacted. In response to the situation, the student's mother sent a quite nasty email basically blaming the coach which stated that she felt as though the PE Coach could benefit from learning strategies on how to deal with students with autism, and that in future altercations, her son responds best to simply being ignored when he gets upset. She then kept her son out of school for a week so that he could "deal with the trauma he had experienced in PE". The PE coach at our school is ESE certified and has worked with students in our unit for many years. She is understandably quite upset at the mother's response to this altercation, and is now considering pressing charges against the student. How do you all think that the coach should respond to this situation?
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Posted February 24, 2018 1:29 am

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I would recommend that the coach ask for a conference with the parent and teacher. Sometimes it is easier to explain the extent of a situation in person. This would also give the coach an opportunity to explain their qualifications and experience with students with ASD. Knowing that the teacher and coach are coming from a place of experience and knowledge, on top of love, may help the parent to make any necessary adjustments for the student.
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