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Posted on August 14, 2020 8:28 pm
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Case study: The teacher isn't on board
The school I teach at rolled out PBIS last year and though it has been a rocky start, we are starting to really see improvements in attendance and how the students treat each other. My teacher friend is not happy with having to distribute "Tiger Paws" and often just hands her quota to her homeroom class at the end of the week without acknowledging positive behaviors. She is also punitive in her discipline practice and is more likely to send black kids to the office instead of personally contacting their parents (which is one of the teacher resources) because "the parents won't discipline them at home like the white parents will." Her attitude toward our framework and specifically her remarks about our students of color has made me distance myself from her. While I haven't reported her to my administrator, since we are about to start Year 2, I really think she might need to be confronted on many areas. But that's not my job, is it? How do I try to work on being an ally to my black students and their parents and not come across as a tattle tale to my colleagues?
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