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Posted on October 19, 2014 1:35 pm
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Getting to Know You
I have an advisement group at my school, which is purposed to give students another adult in the school besides the counselor that the students feel they can trust. As a disclaimer, they should trust all teachers and adults entrusted with their care, but this gives them someone in the school to build rapport with and learn different topics like bullying. A few of the getting to know you activities done are Me Flags (Students decorate with things that represent them and their interests), human crossword (Students work together to build a crossword by linking their name to the previous person's name and writing in an interesting fact about themselves as the clue. The teacher takes and creates the puzzle, and the students write down the clues and the names by the clues to review. At a later date, the students will see who can fill in the most in a given amount of time.)
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