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  Case: I Wish I Were Black!
As a teacher of 5th grade students, I try to make sure that my students have a good sense of all the people and cultures that make up this country. Last couple weeks, I paid special attention to the African American people who have made significant contributions to the US. We read a book written by Walter Dean Myers. We have studied scientists, writers, and political figures. Students were very engaged and interested in the content. Yesterday something happened that puzzled me. Three of my White students told me that they wished they were Black. This was not my intention when I planned all my lessons on contributions of African Americans. How should I address this issue?
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This is an unusual situation. I think a possible solution would be to discuss with those students many great accomplishments that White people have made and how they too, are a very important part of history and our society. I would then explain that neither race nor ethnicity have anything to do with accomplishments of human beings. If a person sets his/her mind to something, they can reach that goal with hard work and dedication. Then I would try to emphasize the importance of being proud of who we are and where we came from. You may even want to do an activity where the students look up their ancestry and have them create a "family tree." This could help them see that no matter the color of skin, anyone can accomplish great things.
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Rated On: February 11, 2013 2:56 pm
Rated By: Shannon Taylor