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  Case: Intervention equal failure
A student in Mr. Saturday's classroom receives intervention for letter identification. This particular child needs to have intervention because he has been in school for two years and is still struggling with letter names. He is showing improvement within the classroom however he is not showing improvement within his intervention groups. The data from the intervention group shows that he is doing worse then he was doing. How can the teacher show data to support that the intervention groups are not working when administration takes the intervention data over classroom data?
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The teacher should identify two types of progress monitoring to be done. One to monitor the exact work being done in intervention and one that monitors whatever the student is showing improvement on in class. OR the same PM can be used both by the intervention teacher and the classroom teacher if the issue is that the child is actually improving and just not demonstrating it in the intervention group. The two sets of data can then be presented to administration (a chart form would be best) to show that intervention is not helping this particular student.