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  Case: Teacher's Child Lacking Motivation
I have a teacher's child in my classroom this year. He is extremely smart and capable, however, has a very hard time getting anything done in the classroom. When I have conversations with his teacher mom, she does not seem concerned with this. If I send the work home with him, it does not get completed or returned. Our school has a strict policy on not taking away recess from students, and I have tried setting a time on his desk, walking by him and redirecting him often, and moving his desk closer to me. Nothing has worked. How can I push this child to his fullest potential and help his mother realize that he is very capable but lacks motivation?
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I had a student in my first internship that was very similar. He was a bright boy, but did not want to complete his work. His parents even spoke with the teacher because they did not know how to motivate him. The boy was only in the second grade. I found out from speaking to his parents that although they were very caring and concerned parents, they were a busy family. The student woke up at 5:30 am, attended before school care and after school care every day. He and his little brother did not get home until almost 7pm. His parents were tired at the end of the day and the boy was rushed to eat dinner, shower and go to bed. In my opinion, he was craving his parent's attention and was acting out to get any sort of attention even negative. I made an effort to spend time with the boy as much as possible, encouraging him to complete his work. I allowed him to eat lunch with me whenever he stayed on-task.
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Comments: If I were in this situation, I would exactly do this. Speaking with the family to get background information can help to understand behavior and work towards student productivity.
Rated On: March 7, 2016 3:38 am
Rated By: eRyber