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  Case: New Student with Unsupportive Parents
I have a student in my classroom that has enrolled in public school for the first time this year as a third grader. Previously, he was homeshooled. I noticed quickly that he had a difficult time reading and calling basic site words. After performing a reading assessment on him, I realized he was on a first grade reading level. After bringing his parents in to discuss his progress, I asked their permission to begin the RTI process on their child to start inventions in reading. They were against the idea and said their son could read just fine and I was the first person to ever comment on his reading ability. They did not want him to get any more support because they did not believe he had a problem, even after showing them his responses to the testing information. How can I make them see that he needs help and is struggling in all subject areas because he has difficulty reading?
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I would offer the parents the option to observe a class or two, making sure you complete assignments demonstrates these deficits. Perhaps seeing the other students ability compared to their child's will be eye opening for them. Of course no one has told them the student is lacking - they've been the teachers! I feel seeing real life comparisons can be beneficial for them and their child.