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  Case: Student Teacher
I recently welcomed a student teacher into my classroom whom I am, as well as the students are, really enjoying. I have noticed however that the students like to play sides and ask the student teacher can they do certain things that they know they are not allowed to do; sharpen pencils in the middle of the day or retrieve something out of their backpacks after the morning announcements. I thought about giving the student teacher my classroom management plan to have him/her overlook so we can be on one accord, but have not gotten around to it. I have however mentioned to her some of the rules/ procedures in the classroom as well as addressed this manner with the students. I do not want to correct the student teacher in front of the students as I would like for them to respect and treat the student teacher as equally as myself. How do you all suggest I should handle this manner?
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I would share all your classroom rules and procedures with the student teacher. Having a private meeting with the student teacher could greatly reduce any and all frustrations.