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  Case: Differentiated Instruction
While walking to classrooms, you visit a 3rd grade reading classroom. In this class, 10 of the 25 students are English learners. The teacher, Mrs. Beckham, is teaching a lesson with the following objective: Students will compare and contrast a fiction and nonfiction story. What are the different ways Mrs. Beckham could have her students use language to achieve this content objective?
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I would have written direction on the board, allow them to write in their native language or use a translation application, use a labeled graphic organizer like a Venn diagram, provide a hands-on activity like sorting or matching some differences, and allow students to use stories from their culture or language or provide a translated version of the story (if using a particular story) in their native language. This would be an excellent time to discuss different stories from their cultures as well, which would help students feel more comfortable in the classroom and feel connected to the lesson. The ESOL teacher or bilingual assistant at the school may have more strategies, so she should check with that person.

Best of luck!
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Comments: Love this idea for the ELLs. Also always use picture vocabulary when possible.
Rated On: February 25, 2018 11:23 pm
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