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  Case: Touchy Students
I have a 4th grade male student who seems to be touchy with me. He's always touching my arms, poking me, and touching my hair. I always remind him to keep his hands to himself, but he always comes back doing the same thing. How should I handle this?
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I would first let the school admin know what is going on and what you plan to do to stop the behavior. I would never want this behavior to be misunderstood by someone outside of the class and then going to admin before I had the chance. People always assume the worst and I wouldn't want to be alone in trying to handle this behavior. I would also go to the counselor and begin taking anecdotal notes on how often this behavior occurs or if there is anything else different about the student that day. Additionally I would make sure the parents are aware of the behavior just to make sure everyone is aware and on the same page. Doing a whole class lesson on appropriate and inappropriate behaviors and touches could also be beneficial.