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  Case: Kissing at recess
Some of the kids have made up a new game at recess. The boys will chase the girls with kissing gestures and sometimes kiss them when tagged and vice-versa. I have witnessed this game and told students to stop. The matter was also addressed to the whole class after recess. One week, later students are playing the game again. What should I do?
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I would immediately stop the game and explain that this is inappropriate behavior for school and really anywhere. Even if you need to get real and tell the children that you kiss someone you love not everyone and you do that in private or simply not at school. Set the expectation and consequences. Allow for students to create a new version of this game and offer appropriate suggestions instead of kissing. If necessary you could take it into science and teach the kids about germs and disease transmission through the mouth, saliva, blood, etc. Make it an appropriate grade level of course.