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  Case: Dirty kid
I am a substitute teacher that often does long-term assignments. There is a 4th grade student that always comes to class very tired, in dirty clothes, and often smells bad. To add insult to injury, I've seen his mother and she is very well kept, dressed with all the "bling accessories," her nails done, hair done, etc. I can't understand how a mother can take such great care for herself, and leave the child a filthy mess.
How should this be addressed and handled properly?
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I would not totally judge the parent on the students appearence right away, children can ber very stubborn. I would take the student to the side and talk with them and discuss with them about heigene. Then if it is a parental issue i would offer to have a change of cloths in the classroom for the student and maybe deoderant and a toothbrush to help that student.