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  Case: Hallways
My students are in 9-12 ESE self-contained classroom. When we go to specials they do not want to stay in a group. I do not want to put them in a line like they are in elementary, but I do not think it acceptable for them to be so spread out and where I can't see them. How do I address this?
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I would recommend implementing a reward based system in the classroom. I am working as an intern in an ESE self contained classroom as well and the students behave like angels. The student are content and it is extremely rare that they act out. In my classroom we have a student be a co-teacher whom hands out tickets to each student when they come in and do their bell work. They get the tickets for doing what they are supposed to be doing. Then at the end the teacher pulls out 3 winners and the students get to pick from various prizes at the end of the class that are mostly just candy. Then the tickets are thrown away. This system may seem childish or silly but it does wonders in the classroom. Like I mentioned before the students behave extremely well, and go to their small groups, etc without issue.