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  Case: Hallways
My students are in 9-12 ESE self-contained classroom. When we go to specials they do not want to stay in a group. I do not want to put them in a line like they are in elementary, but I do not think it acceptable for them to be so spread out and where I can't see them. How do I address this?
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ESE students have a very hard time with change, large unfamiliar spaces, and crowds so everything about having them walk to specials in a high school setting seems like it would overwhelm them and cause them to be out of their element and act up. I would start by lining all students up in a single file line with you the teacher at the head of the line and then the aids in the middle and at the end of the line. I would buy a jump rope from the store and make a spot on each section of the jump rope for each student labeled with their name. I would then introduce the jump rope as our walking in line tool. I would explain that each student has a special spot on the rope with their name on it and this we are going to hold onto our spot when we walk in line and those of my friends that stay on their spot will get a special reward. This will help them with the visual aspect of what you are asking them to do and when they have enough practice and success walking correctly in line you can then take the tool away and reward them for walking correctly in line without the rope and following classroom expectations.