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  Case: Teacher's Child Lacking Motivation
I have a teacher's child in my classroom this year. He is extremely smart and capable, however, has a very hard time getting anything done in the classroom. When I have conversations with his teacher mom, she does not seem concerned with this. If I send the work home with him, it does not get completed or returned. Our school has a strict policy on not taking away recess from students, and I have tried setting a time on his desk, walking by him and redirecting him often, and moving his desk closer to me. Nothing has worked. How can I push this child to his fullest potential and help his mother realize that he is very capable but lacks motivation?
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When in this particular situation, it would be ideal to set a system in place utilizing positive reinforcements. You could have a meeting with the students parent to discuss and brainstorm what would be a good reward for the student for when they complete assignments. You could then implement the reward system for the student in class and let the student know that if they complete their work at home and bring it back to school for a week, they would receive some type of positive reinforcement/reward at the end of the week such as treasure box, lunch with the teacher, etc.