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  Case: student always wanting attention
In a class i substituted for, there was this student who would always try to get my attention to show me everything they were doing or to ask for help on things she really did not need help on. This was a disruption as I had to stop talking to the students wether as a class or individually to see what the student needed. What solution do you suggest for this?
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The student may have needed help the first few times but then she realized that you dropped everything to give her attention and her only. Her teacher may not do that often so she took advantage of it. If this happens, try and talk to the student about trying the work on her own, and at the end, if she has any questions you will all go over it together.
The suggested solution is respectful of the individual (student) No
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Comments: I don't think this is the best option as it puts the student down in a way and will make them afraid to ask for help in the future when they really need it.
Rated On: September 29, 2021 6:00 pm
Rated By: vuzuDe