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  Case: Severe EBD
This student is in 1st grade. He is intensely aggressive when a situation or command triggers him. This student will aggress on himself, students, and staff, elope, and enter a mindset that is completely unreachable. He is an extremely lovable, sweet, and predictable child, in that he loves Pokemon and drawing. The classroom becomes unsafe on a daily basis and minimal learning is happening due to the constant occurrences from this student. There are 11 students in the class, an Instructional Assistant and the ESE teacher.
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I would strongly consider looking at the students IEP and considering a more restrictive environment. I think having the student in the classroom setting they are in now is not helping the student, or other students around them.
The suggested solution is respectful of the individual (student) No
The suggested solution is relevant to the case Yes
The suggested solution is reasonable (easy) for the teacher to implement No
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Rated On: November 1, 2021 1:32 am
Rated By: Logan Turner