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  Case: I Wish I Were Black!
As a teacher of 5th grade students, I try to make sure that my students have a good sense of all the people and cultures that make up this country. Last couple weeks, I paid special attention to the African American people who have made significant contributions to the US. We read a book written by Walter Dean Myers. We have studied scientists, writers, and political figures. Students were very engaged and interested in the content. Yesterday something happened that puzzled me. Three of my White students told me that they wished they were Black. This was not my intention when I planned all my lessons on contributions of African Americans. How should I address this issue?
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I have heard a student say this before, even an interview with Kevin Bacon, he said he grew up wishing he was black. I would use this opportunity to acknowledge the students who made the comment and encourage them to research their families heritage and even unnamed heroes. We did a unit on the heroes we don;t hear about on daily basis. In China there is a woman who takes the "throw away" babies that parents do not want due to a deformity and/or females. Bringing the heroes that are barters for God, their countries and even the military for giving us freedom. Explaining to your students the many heroes in our communities should be another teaching moment.
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Comments: I think that is a great idea.
Rated On: October 16, 2014 6:50 pm
Rated By: Angela Avery