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  Case: Intervention equal failure
A student in Mr. Saturday's classroom receives intervention for letter identification. This particular child needs to have intervention because he has been in school for two years and is still struggling with letter names. He is showing improvement within the classroom however he is not showing improvement within his intervention groups. The data from the intervention group shows that he is doing worse then he was doing. How can the teacher show data to support that the intervention groups are not working when administration takes the intervention data over classroom data?
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If the intervention is not working, and you have data to support this, you should move to a different intervention on a quest to find what does work for this student. You should try tying in music to rhyme the letter names and sounds. There are Youtube videos with supporting music that works great with the younger students; it aids them through visual supports, audio support, and movement, because the kids dance and sing whenever you play it. If you have administration involved, I would start the new intervention, and after about one week to ten days invite them in to see how much growth your students have made. These interventions and strategies have proven themselves over and over again, and also curb behaviors because the students are fully engaged and wanting to do it. They also reach many different level learners including higher level learners and students with exceptionalities.
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Comments: I agree with this solution. If you have your data to back up that the intervention group is not working, it is time to move on to something different. If your school has an RTI coach, he/she would be a helpful resource in this situation. My students who are on a tier system have to be monitored for so many weeks before I can move on to a different intervention strategy. I have to show proof that what I am doing is not helping the student I am working with. When the data shows that the intervention I am providing my tier student is not working, then the RTI coach sets up a meeting with the parent/guardian to show them the data and ask for suggestions. Then I can move on to a new strategy for intervention. It is a tedious process, but it works.
Rated On: October 20, 2014 2:38 am
Rated By: Whitney