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  Case: I Wish I Were Black!
As a teacher of 5th grade students, I try to make sure that my students have a good sense of all the people and cultures that make up this country. Last couple weeks, I paid special attention to the African American people who have made significant contributions to the US. We read a book written by Walter Dean Myers. We have studied scientists, writers, and political figures. Students were very engaged and interested in the content. Yesterday something happened that puzzled me. Three of my White students told me that they wished they were Black. This was not my intention when I planned all my lessons on contributions of African Americans. How should I address this issue?
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This shocked me, I've never heard or known for any white students to stay they wish they were black. However, if I was in your position I would do another lesson the next day. This lesson would be on significant contributors of all races; African Americans, Chinese, White, and Native Americans. Showing them that everyone has done an equal share of shaping the American society. After this lesson is complete, I would have the whole class give presentations about significant people of their background. This way everyone in the classroom is learning about each others background. No one is out of the circle.
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Rated On: February 1, 2013 2:37 pm
Rated By: Debbie Lee Gaskin