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  Case: Scored discussion
A teacher has been instructed to incorporate a scored discussion as a form of classroom assessment. Each student is given points for various opinions mentioned, evidence cited, and counter-arguments made, etc. How does the teacher handle those students who choose to say nothing? These students are aware they aren't getting any points, but they are still refusing to participate.
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Differentiation is something that our school is focusing on tremendously right now. You could find a way to grade them by their contributions even if they don't express them themselves. For example, you may have students work individually first by having them write down their ideas about the discussion topic along with their evidence supporting those ideas. Then, partner each student with someone else,(preferably someone that is more vocal than they are. When you enter into the discussion, one or both students may contribute verbally, but if only one does, they will be sharing their ideas as well as their partners.