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  Case: Student Won’t Stop Crying
This is the first time I am teaching 2nd grade. I have taught 4th and 5th grades for the last 20 years. I have had to go through an adaptation process, but everything is working okay now. Students and I have learned to work with each other very well. Three weeks ago a new student joined my classroom. He and his family moved to the US from Japan. Since he arrived, he has been crying. He does not speak any English, and there is no one at my school who speaks Japanese. Both of his parents have full time jobs, so they cannot come to school every time I call them. What I found out from the parents is that he cries because he misses his friends in Japan. I think the issue is bigger than that. I have not found a way to help him yet. Why do you think he cries every day? What can I do to stop the crying because the other students in my class get distracted when starts crying?
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I am sure this is an overwhelming situation for your student to be in. I can't imagine going to another country, attending a new school, and not being able to communicate with others around me. I think you should begin by making your new student fill more at home. Find out some things that he likes, give him opportunities to share his culture and background. Include him as much as possible in activities and class involvement (line leader, door holder, etc. Show him pictures, break down concepts for him, and be a warm, kind hearted role model. Also help him make friends and collaborate with other peers by working together in groups or participating in games. Help him create a new classroom home and friends where he feels loved and important.
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Comments: Attempts to make the student comfortable in his environment will certainly help him adjust to his new situation and feel part of the class. As he becomes more settled in the routines and procedures of the school, he will be able to focus on the academic content.
Rated On: June 28, 2013 10:06 pm
Rated By: PyruNe