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  Case: Refusal to complete "EASY" Assignment
I require my students to complete the topics being covered for the week in their agenda. I have numerous students who refuse to copy the information into their agenda. Therefore, they are failing my class because when I check them on Fridays, they do not have it written down. I do not want my students to fail because of an agenda. How do I get them to do it? or How can I justify them failing for that reason?
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I would first have a conference with their parents and the administration. I would also make sure that the understand the importance of what you are asking. If they think it is just because you said so the will not be likely to complete it. If they are given he reasons as to why they are doing it they are more likely to complete the task. Also, have you used a reward/punishment for them besides a bad grade? Teach them how to write short hand or to paraphrase so it is a little less writing?
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Comments: I also think this is a helpful solution. Make sure students are aware of the importance, not just for grading purposes.
Rated On: March 7, 2016 3:49 am
Rated By: BesuVy