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Teaching Job Interview Cases
Preparing for an interview is probably the most overlooked phase of securing a new job position. Everyone thinks it is easy until they enter an interview room in front of a panel of educators who are judging every move and every word. Then, reality sinks in! The panel might include the superintendent of the school district, school principals, teachers, and parents, making it critical to address your answers to all involved. The more you prepare for an interview, the better your odds of securing a job offer will be. Listed here are common job interview questions posted as "case" and possible answers (or to submit your own) to give you some ideas on what to include in your responses. Keep in mind, these are just possibilities and should be used with discretion. Each candidate's background, teaching style, and experiences are different, and the answers should reflect those differences.

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Post Interview General 1 qunumy 85 02-25-2018 eLaGag
Post First time applicant General 3 aNaMeJ 164 07-08-2018 ehaJaT
Post Tattoos General 13 ZaBuBy 584 02-25-2018 eSaPaz
Post Take it out? General 7 aDaWaV 497 02-24-2018 Schlemmer
Post For Money or Passion for Teaching and Learning? General 9 gegede 622 02-24-2018 Wendy
Post Interviewing Within Your School General 4 JezaHa 425 07-10-2017 eSaTag
Post Job Interviews General 6 Hobby 503 10-12-2017 jysema
Post How old are you? General 15 ypyPuT 731 02-25-2018 juduje
Post Overseas teaching General 3 HesuHy 426 07-10-2017 eSaTag
Post Tattoos on Job Applicant General 16 yQuQaH 834 07-10-2017 eSaTag
Post Do you have any questions for me? General 6 duryvy 493 02-25-2018 juduje
Post When is it Time to Move On? General 5 JezaHa 526 02-23-2018 jaDehy
Post Extra-curriculars or no extra-curriculars? General 10 yHamyN 621 02-23-2018 jaDehy
Post Tough Interview Question- Retakes General 4 yHamyN 496 07-10-2017 eSaTag
Post Unexpected Guest General 10 LeqeHe 585 02-23-2018 Allen
Post Help Me Stick Out! General 6 Peele 622 07-10-2017 eSaTag
Post How are you different from other candidates? General 3 HaXeSy 547 10-13-2015 Zwissler
Post Different Questions General 6 Hytabu 566 07-10-2017 eSaTag
Post Second Interview General 6 ymuTyZ 496 02-23-2018 jaDehy
Post Resume General 9 ezeDeZ 670 10-03-2017 aNaMeJ
Post Teacher Leaders General 5 udapum 540 07-10-2017 eSaTag
Post Switching Districts General 11 ezeDeZ 700 10-16-2015 Hudyja
Post Trembling Hands General 13 Sapypu 673 02-25-2018 juduje
Post Job Interview Blunder General 4 ZyhyJu 564 03-15-2015 dyTuDu
Post Job Interview Focus General 2 ZyhyJu 457 03-02-2015 upyRyX
Post These parents? General 7 qaWeBu 693 07-10-2017 eSaTag
Post Physical Appearance General 16 ahubeT 986 02-25-2018 juduje
Post Code of Ethics...really? General 5 hygaPe 651 10-13-2015 yHaReH
Post Students involved with interview process General 5 Brown 557 10-15-2015 uXyRyd
Post Tell me about yourself General 12 KW1091 1110 02-26-2017 Dison
Post What is your teaching philosophy? General 8 KW1091 797 10-16-2015 Hudyja
Post Informing current school before interviewing for a new teaching position General 6 KW1091 674 04-02-2015 Peele
Post Using CDN in the interview? General 2 ehyQyD 661 04-25-2013 Ms. Montana
Post Stating the Inevitable General 6 uheZeN 763 10-12-2015 yHamyN
Post What would you do if the technology around which you planned your lesson did not work? General 5 Bodur 705 03-15-2015 eRaTaW
Post What are your plans for professional growth? General 4 Bodur 693 10-13-2015 yHaReH
Post What professional development topics interest you? General 3 Bodur 636 03-15-2015 eRaTaW
Post What are your thoughts about student and teacher accountability? General 3 Bodur 651 03-15-2015 eRaTaW
Post What are your fears as you begin your first year teaching? General 6 Bodur 741 02-24-2017 ZaBuBy
Post What distinguishes you from other candidates? General 5 Bodur 737 10-11-2015 yHamyN
Post What makes you an effective teacher? General 5 Bodur 735 10-13-2015 yHaReH
Post What do you value most in a child? General 5 Bodur 958 03-16-2015 uLubet
Post Do you think homework is beneficial? Why or why not? General 7 Bodur 937 10-12-2017 jysema
Post What kind of colleagues would you find it difficult to work with? Why? General 5 Bodur 732 03-02-2016 Dison
Post Where do you hope to be professionally in 5 years from now? General 4 Bodur 679 02-23-2015 SeguHu
Post If a parent disagrees with a grade you assigned to a student, how would you handle it? General 4 Bodur 726 02-24-2017 ZaBuBy
Post What does “teamwork” mean to you? Give an example. General 4 Bodur 739 03-14-2015 uLubet
Post How would you handle varied reading abilities in the content areas? General 4 Bodur 1653 03-16-2015 uLubet
Post What part of being a teacher scares you? General 4 Bodur 722 02-24-2016 Chelsea
Post Describe a time when a lesson was not going well. What did you do about it? General 3 Bodur 720 02-23-2015 SeguHu
Post What is your most favorite grade/subject to this? Explain. General 3 Bodur 627 03-09-2015 J
Post What is your least favorite grade/subject to teach? Explain. General 3 Bodur 633 10-02-2015 LeqeHe
Post How would you physically arrange your classroom to promote student learning? General 4 Bodur 681 10-16-2015 Hudyja
Post What kind of rules would you have in your classroom and how would you establish them? General 5 Bodur 655 02-24-2017 ZaBuBy
Post How would you create and promote a safe atmosphere in your classroom? General 5 Bodur 675 03-16-2015 uLubet
Post What was the most challenging discipline problem you’ve encountered and how did you handle it? General 3 Bodur 607 03-15-2015 eRaTaW
Post What proactive techniques would you use to prevent discipline problems in your classroom? General 3 Bodur 617 10-12-2015 yHamyN
Post Assuming you have adequate equipment, how would students be allowed to use technology in your classroom? General 5 Bodur 1149 04-02-2015 Peele
Post How would you incorporate technology in your classroom? General 4 Bodur 709 07-10-2016 karr
Post What would you do if half of your class did poorly on a test? General 6 Bodur 787 10-17-2015 duryvy
Post What is your view on drill and practice? How and when would you use it? General 3 Unal 611 03-15-2015 eRaTaW
Post What are some ways you have found to be effective when dealing with unmotivated students? General 3 Unal 656 10-13-2015 Drake
Post What do you think your roles are in developing goals and objectives for your curriculum? General 3 Unal 636 03-05-2017 Krivoruchka
Post How would you accomodate different learning styles in your teaching? General 3 Unal 681 03-13-2015 qaGuqy
Post What are some methods you have found to be effective when assessing student learning? General 3 Unal 571 03-02-2015 upyRyX
Post What techniques do you use to keep students actively involved during a lesson? General 3 Unal 621 03-15-2015 eRaTaW
Post How would you identify the special needs of your students? General 2 Unal 577 03-15-2015 eRaTaW
Post How would you include cooperative learning in your classroom? General 3 Unal 605 03-05-2017 Krivoruchka
Post What are some teaching techniques or strategies that you have found to be effective? General 3 Unal 585 03-15-2015 eRaTaW
Post How well has your college/university prepared you for the teaching profession? General 3 Unal 642 03-13-2015 qaGuqy
Post What experiences have you had to bring multicultural education into your classroom? General 3 Unal 612 03-15-2015 eRaTaW
Post When did you first become interested in teaching? General 5 Unal 748 10-01-2015 Sutede
Post Why do you want to work for our school district? General 3 Unal 652 03-15-2015 eRaTaW
Post What is your biggest weakness? General 8 Unal 879 02-24-2018 Schlemmer
Post What are your greatest strengths? General 5 Unal 726 10-13-2015 yHaReH
Post What are your thoughts on team-teaching? General 6 Unal 769 10-08-2017 Maritza
Post What is your knowledge of and experience with standards-based education? General 3 Unal 683 03-15-2015 eRaTaW
Teaching Job Interview Tips

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Please review items below before posting yours to reduce dublicate postings.
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Post During your interview General 0 Ramirez 183 07-10-2017 Ramirez
Post Doing your research General 0 Krivoruchka 255 03-05-2017 Krivoruchka