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  Case: No email response
I have emailed parent many times about the student being bullied. The parent does not respond to email but then shows up in front office demanding a meeting with teacher and principal.
Solution: (Rates are posted for this solution!)
You should call the parents directly and set up a time to meet. If not you can call their work and see if you get lucky. Parents are such an important piece for students to succeed and trying all the possible ways to get a hold of them must be done.
The suggested solution is respectful of the individual (student) Yes
The suggested solution is relevant to the case Yes
The suggested solution is reasonable (easy) for the teacher to implement Yes
The suggested solution is likely to solve the problem/issue Yes
The suggested solution is original Yes
Comments: I think this is a great idea because the email might have gotten mixed up.
Rated On: March 7, 2021 10:10 pm
Rated By: zeZedu